CSS frameworks are used to create websites and achieve various targets. JavaScript frameworks and web application frameworks are two extensively used types of frameworks for the website designing. A default CSS-style is built for the designing task, and it’s reused for further projects. In this article, we discuss several popular css frameworks, web design that are applicable these days.



YAML is an attractive CSS Scaffolding that simplifies the Bulletproof & Flexible Layouts. It works as an (X) HTML/CSS structure to design innovative & flexible floated layouts. This framework enables the facility of complete multilingual documentation and also offers design patterns for forms, typography, etc.


2. YUI Grids CSS

YUI Grids CSS is a modern framework with loads of features for users. Besides offering six preset templates, YUI Grids also provides over 1000-page layout combinations for great designing and development usages. Other valuable features include full A-grade browser support and flexibility with font-size adjustments.


3. Elements CSS Framework

Elements Framework enables quick and efficient writing of CSS for designers. Element CSS is a compilation of files and folders to allow ease of CSS writing. It is easy to apply, and also lightweight framework adds style to external links and quickly gets uploaded.


4. BlueTrip CSS Framework

Blue Trip is a beautiful frame with loads of useful features. Earlier, this structure offers features and specialties of another popular framework, though now it has come into its own. This frame offers loads of styles to enable easy creation of websites.


5. Content with Style

Content with Style is an accessible and useful framework that can be used for structure management of a website. By use of this CSS, it’s easy to have a structure for the web design; more so, this framework is also extensively used for typography design elements.


6. The famous 960 Grid System

It is a common framework that is extensively used to simplify web development workflow. It offers suitable dimensions that rely on a width of 960 pixels. In general, 960 Grid System is most usable for rapid prototyping; however, good results would be achieved by integrating it into a production environment.


7. Elastic CSS Framework

Elastic CSS Framework enables easy creation of elastic, liquid and fixed layouts. This framework follows the principle of printed design techniques where four columns are a standard norm. More so, it enables unlimited column combinations to ensure more features and more flexibility to users.


8. Css-boilerplate

CSS-boilerplate is a simple CSS for designing purposes. Working as a stripped down framework, this CSS offers every essential feature to start a project. It is a lightweight CSS that avoids un-semantic naming conventions.


9. The jQuery UI CSS Framework

The jQuery UI CSS Framework brings loads of designing features like gorgeous effects & UI widgets and powerful theme framework. By using this framework, some standout features like theme able widgets, low-level interaction, and animation. This frame is used to create highly interactive web applications.


10. Clever CSS

Clever CSS is a useful framework that is used to build a style sheet in a structured way. By use of this frame, the style sheet is created in a clean way for designing purposes. This structure can be employed for structural forms as it’s stronger than CSS2.