10 Best Hosting Services and How to Choose the Best

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Website hosting services is quite a competitive industry. Many hosts presently give away very low hosting rates with some as low as $3.95! Reduced first year rates, discount coupons, free months, free first year, and many more freebies also make the low rates offers more attractive. The top web hosting services given below, support MySQL, PHP, FrontPage web hosting, Python and almost all are Linux web-hosting. These are some of the most popular web hosting services, touting excellent performance, support quality, price and feature records. All these can actually host any domain name including .com, .org, .net, .co.uk, .com, .au etc.

1. Blue Hosting, established in 2002, offers unlimited space, emails and bandwidth at a low price tag of $3.95 per month apart from a host of other features.

2. HostGator, also established in the 2002. This service too offers unlimited space, emails and bandwidth at a monthly price tag of $4-95

3. Monster Host, available at $3.95 a month allows you to host unlimited websites too

4. IX Web Hosting, allows you a host of benefits at $3.95 a month and has been up and running since 1999

5. Just Host, offers a $3.95 monthly fee for a period of 3 years, provides a monthly billing cycle at $7-95

6. GreenGeeks, established in 2004 offers services at $4.95 per month

7. SiteCloud, a relatively new entrant, established in 2009 and is available at $5.95

8. HostUpon, provides unlimited space at $7.95 per month apart from a host of other features

9. YahooSmall Biz, costs $7.46 a month and provides Yahoo site builder free

10. PowWeb, established in 1999 and is available at a monthly rent of $7.77

While most of these top web hosting services come with the ‘unlimited’ tag, do not be misled into thinking you will actually get unlimited space. The claim in reality means your usage of bandwidth will be unrestricted, not infinite. Also it will make sense for you to first figure out what your exact requirement is and whether you will really need to go for the unlimited hosting plan. Speak to the service provider before digging into your wallet and go for only what you require and you think will best suit your needs you must also pay special attention to all the fine details that are presented to you before making your final decision. this can be very important as you want to choose only the best of the best hosting service, other note if you are not completely happy with your hosting then feel free to explore other companies and test there service to see if you will like it or not.

Choosing the Best Wen Hosting Company

The fact is the above rankings are actually made by the ordinary online users just like you and me. Even though they may be well aware about the web hosting industry, but their words should not be the only source to find the 10 top hosting or hire the services of any web host. It is not said so in order to let the users avoid such kind of top 10 hosting rankings but one should not stick to them. They should just be utilized as the starting point to gather the details about best web hosts available in the market.

It is imperative to know the features and services offered by the 10 top hosting providers like the POP email accounts, database offerings, scripting, bandwidth and disk space to name a few. So, again you should ensure that you do not believe in what all is written too seriously. Rather, you should try to consider what web hosts provide the services that you are most likely to hire, regardless of whether they are ranked in the best 5 or 10 list. The host that might be offering the best of services might even not be in the top rankings. So, it is always better to carry out with an extensive research and not stick to just the top ranking lists.

Also, price needs to be considered while looking at these 10 top hosting rankings. It is not necessary that the top 10 hosts will be the ones will minimum possible rates. In fact, the price has nothing to do with rankings. Rather, the top hosts offer the price according to the services. It is highly important to know the price ranges in advance as different companies offer different rates as per their services and packages. And it is a fact that the basic hosting plan will cost far less than the dedicated server.

While looking out for the best web hosting provider, it is better to get a rough idea of the companies that are supposed to be the top rankers. Remember the fact that the sites making such type of ranking lists might not provide you the type of details you need. The only way with which you can take the proper decision is to actually scour the various 10 top hosting lists and search in other fields like the directories. Then only you will have all knowledge that you need to take on the right services of a good web host.


written by: siladom2